Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New in Silk Galilee Christian Worship flags

In Galilee Silks store specially created to serve our Christian customers:

Christian worship Flags

In our shop you'll find beautiful items and garments from silk and silk in combination with other decorative fabrics which will add special shine and touch to your holidays and events. T-shirts, Scarves and Tote Bags decorated with Flowers and Fruits from the Land of Israel, Christian Worship flags

NOW ON SALE: Galilee Silks Prayer Shawls carrying symbolic names from the Bible: The Heavens, River of Life, Lion of Judah, Kingdom of God, Holiness, and Spirit of Fire.

You'll find the finest quality T-shirts decorated with beautiful Biblical and Land of Israel symbols and a collection of silk scarves radiating the vibrant colors and spirituality of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

If you cannot find what you are looking for: Please visit our our additional online stores with Judaica gifts and handpainted Silk fashion :

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