Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's cold outside

Winter is here. The recent snow storm yielded much more snow than I expected. The snow piles are beautiful. The snow piles are scary. It's cold outside, too.

It's time to be indoors enjoying family and friends.

Staying warm indoors is important. Especially staying warm around your neck area.

Galilee silk scarves are warm additions to your winter indoor wardrobe.
Silk is warm but not coarse like wool. Silk feels pleasant on the skin.
Painted silks from Galilee silks contain beautiful pictures unlike linear wool designs. See our four fashionable silk scarves for winter in our catalog.
Silk scarves are always a talking point at parties or family get togethers.
Buy a hand painted Jerusalem silk scarf from Galilee silks today! Buy a silk scarf for a friend. Buy a silk scarf for a loved one.
We would love to see you in our store!

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