Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Silk Scarves Color Combinations

Galilee Silks added gorgeous new color combinations for the silk scarf collection.

A deep dark grey which through our silk painting techniqus fades to shades of green, cherry red, hot pink, a soft purple in combination with blues and greens. The combinations are delicate and flowing. They will compliment any garment in yur ward robe for any occasion.

Soon available as choice in our online silk fashion store!


Women's Silk Scarves said...

Silk is the choise of the women so it is very profitable to sale it.

Bet Ha Bracha said...

How lovely to find your blog! We are a small business in the UK and we've just added Galilee Silk Scarf No. 460 to our shop. Beautiful! Hopefully we can stock more of your products soon.