Sunday, March 1, 2009

Silk scarves are so Cool

Galilee Silk Scarves are so cool.....and.... they are truly unique! No scarf comes ever out the same. We use special handpainting techniques which are actually a play with color, the dyes mingle on the silk by themsleves and create their unique vibrant patterns.

The unique clothing accessories are a great addition to your ward robe, the silk cools in summer and warms in winter, is perfect for the between seasons times. Come have a look in our online store.

You will see scarves which can be ordered in different sizes and a variety of beautiful color combinations. Galilee Silks continues in the meantime with the promo: on every purchase from our fashion store equal or more than $50 you receive a handpainted scarf for free!

See you in Galilee Silks online fashion store!

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Women's Silk Scarves said...

Your scarves are looking very nice and these are very helpfull.