Monday, March 24, 2008

Silk Fashion necklaces

A hot desert wind is blowing for the second day here in Galilee, Israel and temperatures reach 38C [100.4 F] and I can only think of Galilee Silks fashion silk necklaces.
Real lovely beauties of the softest hand painted silk in vibrant colors.
Silk strands with one or more pewter beads or glass pendants for a real unique accent on your outfit.
Galilee Silks recommends: one of our silk applique T-shirts with a matching open sleeveless vest from hand painted silk crepe georgette and one of our lovely silk necklaces.

You will stand out! Have a look in the main shop at Galilee Silks Fashion.

Warmly recommended,
by Silky


anika said...

I love Galilee Silks necklaces, they are so bright and elegant!

dog face girls said...

Oh what lovely necklaces.